Kilncarving L045

Learn how to create a kilncarved design using ceramic fiber paper, how to fire and finish a piece of work, and how glass behaves at the various temperatures used in this basic forming method.

Why Did It Break? L042

This lesson covers two of the most common causes of a piece breaking: thermal shock and improper annealing.

Gum Image Transfer L038

In this lesson you will learn to print imagery onto sheet glass, as demonstrated by artist Carrie Iverson.

Dilution Solution L037

In this lesson, you'll create a fused, slumped plate with diluted areas in the design.

Kilnforming on a Sand Bed L035

This lesson covers the range of textures one can achieve by firing on a sand bed, offering a unique and distinctive design vocabulary.

Kilnforming with Rod L034

Learn the distinct characteristics of Bullseye rods, their advantages in kilnforming, how to assemble and fire a rod-based project, and ways to combine rods with other forms of glass in the kiln.

On-Edge Strip Construction L033

In this lesson you will learn tips for cutting and composing with glass strips, as well as some special effects you can achieve with on-edge construction.

Screen Printing with Enamels – Part 1 L031A

In Part 1 of the lesson, you will learn how to choose a silkscreen and an image for this process and how to prepare the image and fix it to the screen in preparation for printing.

Drawing with Glass Powder L030

Drawing with glass powder frees you from the preciousness of the material, allowing you to take pleasure in drawing. See how three people respond to a series of timed drawing exercises based on an object.

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