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Recommended Annealing Cycle for Bullseye Glass

This 20-minute presentation focuses on the theory and process of getting the stress out of fused glass work and acts as an introduction to the new annealing cycle recommended by Bullseye.

Preparing Kiln Shelves L002

In this lesson you will learn how to use Bullseye Shelf Primer, an affordable and highly effective separator.

Vitrigraph Kiln: Basic Use L027

In this lesson you will learn how to transform a Paragon Caldera kiln into a Vitrigraph kiln and how to safely hand-pull stringers to use when designing, drawing, or painting with glass.

Firing: Basic Applications L023

In this lesson, using what you learned in "Firing: Basic Principles" you will design firing schedules for fusing, tack-fusing and slumping a platter with a textured surface.

Firing: Basic Principles

In this lesson, learn the eight basic steps that make up a firing schedule and why they are important.

Kiln Operation L012

In this lesson you will learn how to operate a kiln to control precisely how glass is heated, cooled and ultimately formed.

Kiln Types L014

In this lesson you will learn about the qualities to look for in any kiln, the most common types of kilns available, and the strengths and limitations of each.

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