Topic Design Basics

Bullseye staff photographer preparing to demonstrate how to photograph glass

Photographing Glass L138

Bullseye photographer Hanmi Meyer shares proven practices, strategies, and pro tips that lead to success in photographing glass.

This lesson covers color theory basics, including technical color vocabulary, color schemes, ways colors interact, and ways color can affect a composition.

Color Theory Basics L113

Learn some of the basics of color theory, including the vocabulary used to describe color, color schemes, the ways that colors interact, and some of the ways that color can affect a composition.

In this lesson, we'll explore basic principles of design like unity, variety, rhythm, pattern, and movement while using powder-printed elements.

Principles of Design L107

A deeper understanding of the basic principles of design will help you make more confident decisions in your work. In this lesson, we'll explore these principles of design using powder printed elements.

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