Topic Cutting Glass

Working with Rolled Edges L123

In this lesson, we'll make a plate that illustrates one way to harness the unique qualities of rolled edges. We'll also cover some possible variations.

Opaline Ring Bowl L119

In this project-based lesson, you'll learn how to intercut sheet glass rings and circles while making a bowl with Opaline, Clear, and Pine Green glass.

Cascade Chevron Plate L114

Learn about the characteristics of Cascade sheet glass, methods for cutting narrow strips, and how to make a plate with a chevron design.

Glass Cutting L001

With proper cutting tools and techniques, you can learn how to produce clean, accurate glass shapes.

Drilling Small Holes in Glass L106

Knowing how to drill small holes in glass opens up many design options for kilnformed works. Learn how to set up your drilling station and more in this lesson.

On-Edge Strip Construction L033

In this lesson you will learn tips for cutting and composing with glass strips, as well as some special effects you can achieve with on-edge construction.

Tint Tone Plate L006

This project is a step-by-step process to create a cleanly designed, fused and slumped plate made with Bullseye tint glasses.

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