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Drawing with Vitrigraph Stringer L115

3 artists were each given half-sheets of white glass, a pile of vitrigraph stringers, one word and time to draw with those stringers. This video is the result.

Flameworking and Kilnforming L109

Here, we'll discuss how flameworking can be combined with kilnforming to achieve effects that range from representational to abstract.

Inline Plate Project L050

In this project-based lesson, we’ll work with stringer to create a simple and pleasing line-based design. In this lesson you

Making Part Sheets L046

Making part sheets is like making your own fabrics for quilting - in this lesson you will learn techniques for making different kinds of part sheets and guidelines for firing them.

Kilnforming with Rod L034

Learn the distinct characteristics of Bullseye rods, their advantages in kilnforming, how to assemble and fire a rod-based project, and ways to combine rods with other forms of glass in the kiln.

Vitrigraph Kiln: Basic Use L027

In this lesson you will learn how to transform a Paragon Caldera kiln into a Vitrigraph kiln and how to safely hand-pull stringers to use when designing, drawing, or painting with glass.

Linear Reaction Plate L022

By following these step-by-step instructions you will learn how special colors and effects can be achieved when glass chemistries interact.

Drawing with Glass L008

Practice these exercises to become proficient in the method of drawing with crushed glass powders.

Working with Stringer L004

In this lesson, you will learn a variety of ways to work with manufactured, as well as hand-pulled, stringers.

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