Topic Foundations

G-Manu Glass Cutting System L079

Rudi Gritsch demonstrates how you can use the G-Manu Cut 1 (and Cut 2 Extension) to make quick and accurate cuts in a variety shapes and patterns. The savings of time and material are limitless!

Fusing Basics L007

New to glass fusing? Ready to begin your glass fusing education? Good news, you've come to the right place.

Preparing Kiln Shelves L002

In this lesson you will learn how to use Bullseye Shelf Primer, an affordable and highly effective separator.

Glass Cutting L001

With proper cutting tools and techniques, you can learn how to produce clean, accurate glass shapes.

Slumping Basics L010

In this lesson you will learn about glass “slumping” methods, with a focus on using commercial ceramic molds.

Glass Cleaning L003

In this lesson, learn how to clean glass properly to avoid problems caused by surface contamination.

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