In this lesson, we'll demonstrate a process that will help you to make multicolor screen prints using Color Line Pastes and decal transfer paper.

Multicolor Screen Printing with Color Line Pastes L148B

Color Line Screen Pastes are a great alternative to working with powdered enamels for screen printing on glass. Because they come pre-mixed into a medium, there is no need to mix powders. Just open the container, stir with a palette knife, and you're ready to mix colors or print.

Milestone Fusible Decals L125

Learn the basics of working with Milestone decals, tips for applying them to sheet glass, and how to fire them for the best results.

artist Miguel Unson demonstrates his signature “Zen Organico” approach, in which glass stringers placed vertically in a bed of frit.

Artists at Work: Miguel Unson L102

Artist Miguel Unson demonstrates his signature “Zen Organico” approach - and thanks to Bullseye’s specially-equipped kiln, you will see the entire process unfold.

Marquis describes his eclectic approaches to working with glass

BECon 2013: Richard Marquis L094

"Like most accomplished abusers of information, I incorporate multiple levels of deceit, manipulation, and both feigned and true ignorance." So begins the description of this session by artist Richard Marquis.

James B. Thompson addresses the history of color, how his work incorporates concepts of color, and how his creative exploration of glass informs his work.

BECon 2013: James B. Thompson L093

Professor James B. Thompson on the history of color, how his work and processes in various media incorporate concepts of color, and how his exploration of glass properties inform his understanding of color as an art practitioner.

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