Artists at Work: Miguel Unson L102

In this lesson, artist Miguel Unson demonstrates his signature “Zen Organico” approach: glass stringers placed vertically in a bed of frit are allowed to melt, fall, and transform themselves at will, representing a playful balance between chaos and control. And thanks to Bullseye’s specially-equipped kiln, you will see the entire process unfold. Unson describes the various steps in the process including preparation, composition, material selection, and firing considerations.

Miguel Unson holds a BA from Carleton College and an MS from Pratt Institute. He has also studied at Danmarks Designskole and Parsons School of Design. In addition to being an Emerge 2010 finalist, his work has been featured at NICHE Magazine, and SOFA Chicago. In 2010, he was an Emerging Artist in Residence at Pilchuck Glass School. Previously the assistant director of education at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, he continues to teach and maintains a private studio in Stanwood, Washington.

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