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This lesson teaches Stacy Lynn Smith's approach to powder printing—everything from preferred tools to process steos to cleaning up.

Powder Printing L059

Powder printing allows artists to produce archival images on glass with a range of colors, textures, and layers of transparency. This lesson is based on Stacy Lynn Smith's approach to powder printing.

This lesson covers the unique visual properties of Opaline sheet glass, the science behind its color, and its effects when layered with other colored glass.

Expanding the Color Palette: Opaline Overlays L057

Opaline sheet glass has great potential to expand the color palette in kilnforming because it has the ability to create new colors with distinct properties. Learn more about using Opaline in this lesson.

In this project-based lesson, we'll use 2mm stringer and 3mm sheet glass to make a basic plate with a line-based design and abundant color options.

Inline Plate Project L050

In this project-based lesson, we’ll make a basic plate with a line-based design. Using 2mm stringer and 3mm sheet glass,

This lesson covers techniques for making different kinds of part sheets. It also includes general guidelines for firing them.

Making Part Sheets L046

Making part sheets is like making your own fabrics for quilting - in this lesson you will learn techniques for making different kinds of part sheets and guidelines for firing them.

This lesson explores a technique for diluting areas of color within a composition, offering step-by-step instructions for making a fused and slumped plate.

Dilution Solution L037

In this lesson, you'll create a fused, slumped plate with diluted areas in the design.

In this lesson, we will survey of the types of color reactions that are possible using kiln-glass and consider how those reactions can prove desirable.

Color Reactions and Special Effects L024

With certain glasses, chemistries will interact to create effects and different colors than what one might anticipate. Learn about the types of possible reactions, which can prove quite useful in art and design.

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