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Expanding the Color Palette: Composite Colors L056

“Bullseye already makes enough colors.”
– Klaus Moje

Bullseye makes an extensive palette of sheet glass colors. But that’s just the beginning. You can create an even broader array of hues for use in kiln-glass projects by firing two different colors of sheet glass together.

In this lesson, we’ll demonstrate some of the possibilities with 21 sheet glass styles that represent two trips around the color wheel. Each is overlaid with a set of four colors. They represent cyan, magenta, yellow, and black/grey. The result is a catalog of more than 80 different shades. And with almost 150 different colors in our product line, this is just a fraction of the possible combinations available to you.

Although it isn’t explicitly addressed in the lesson, we suggest that you also consider these combinations from the reverse. The subtle colors you can make are endless.

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