Topic Frit

Making Part Sheets L046

Making part sheets is like making your own fabrics for quilting - in this lesson you will learn techniques for making different kinds of part sheets and guidelines for firing them.

Drawing with Glass Powder L030

Drawing with glass powder frees you from the preciousness of the material, allowing you to take pleasure in drawing. See how three people respond to a series of timed drawing exercises based on an object.

Artists at Work: Ted Sawyer L021

Artist Ted Sawyer demonstrates his approach to working with powder on sheet glass, creating two signature pieces in the Research & Education studio of Bullseye Glass Co.

Heatwork and Frit L017

In this lesson you will learn how to achieve a variety of surface textures and finishes with frit by varying time and temperature in the kiln.

Drawing with Glass L008

Practice these exercises to become proficient in the method of drawing with crushed glass powders.

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