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Photoshop for Powder Printing L150

The digital universe is about to become your analog playground. In this video lesson, you will learn how to convert digital images into halftones using Adobe Photoshop.*

Equipped with this knowledge you will able to prepare silkscreens that allow you to powder print almost any image onto glass. And once you can powder print with such wild abandon—well, what can’t you do? Your favorite 2-D images, drawings, and photographs will become readily accessible to your kiln-glass practice.

Along with detailed instructions for preparing images in Photoshop (and tips on adapting them by hand once printed as film positives), this lesson provides an overview of how powder printing, screen printing, and photo-sensitive emulsions work together. Not only does it open new avenues for learning, it unlocks a wonderland of visual possibility.

*Only Photoshop CS (Creative Suite) or Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) will work for this lesson. Neither Photoshop Elements nor Express include the necessary features.

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