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Installing Kilnformed Glass Tile L155

Custom glass tiles can lend instant style to just about any household setting. But for that style to last, proper installation is necessary. In this subscription video, we team up with the experts at Hawthorne Tile and ARDEX. They demonstrate the material-specific procedures used by industry leaders when installing glass tile.

The methods and procedures shared in this video condense years of professional experience into clear, engaging, step-by-step instructions. Following the video’s project-based lesson, you’ll learn how to inspect and organize a workspace, how to prepare a wall for tiling, how to set tiles, how to apply and seal grout, and how to caulk. As always, we share an itemized list of the tools and supplies used in the video. And of course we also cover tips for maintaining tiles once they are installed—and common pitfalls to avoid.

For those who see the incredible possibilities glass tiles offer, this lesson provides the knowledge needed to turn creative visions into reality. And for those who want to know their tile installer is using the highest professional and material-specific standards, it stands as an invaluable point of reference. Either way, prepare to be inspired by custom glass tiles and the doability of installing them to last!

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