BECon 2017: Keynote – Judy Tuwaletstiwa – Transformations L158

BECon 2017 themed itself on Transformations, a word with Latin roots tied to the idea of metamorphosis. Glass is an amorphous solid. And these words—metamorphosis and amorphous—share a common etymological ancestor in the Greek god, Morpheus. In Ovid, Morpheus is the son of Sleep. He is the bringer of dreams and the maker of shapes. For BECon 2017, he was the essential mythological figure for guiding explorations of transformation and glass.

After a hands-on exercise to begin her presentation, Judy Tuwaletstiwa explores the transformative power of collaboration and the creative process. To illustrate, she recalls five remarkable weeks shared with Michael Rogers as collaborative artists-in-residence at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass. She then discusses several timeless engagements of the artist-in-process. These include: the pursuit of transformation, the making of potent shapes, and the practice of attending to Morpheus—that is, to dreams, and the ways the unconscious permeates our lives.

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