BECon 2017: Keynote – Judy Tuwaletstiwa – Transformations L158

Artist, writer, and teacher Judy Tuwaletstiwa knows a thing or two about the unknown. For her, a good part of our inner and outer universes can only be discovered through making. But not just any making. In this keynote presentation from BECon 2017, Tuwaletstiwa shares how art made through a participatory creative process can be profoundly orienting—orienting culturally, psychologically, and existentially.

Drawing upon her experiences from two collaborative artist residencies, Tuwaletstiwa outlines a compelling vision of the creative process: become unsettled; respond through making; abide with uncertainty; keep making; look for transformations to materialize that no foresight or planning could have achieved. Welcome to creativity’s alchemy.

In the words of poet Stanley Kunitz, “The universe is a continuous web. Touch it at any point and the whole web quivers.” Collaborative making, for Tuwaletstiwa, is a way of touching the web; it is a means of learning to trust, follow, and be transformed by the unknown.

What transformation do you want to experience?

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