BECon 2017: Artist Story – Heidi Schwegler L145

During her undergraduate and graduate years, Heidi Schwegler practiced working with metals. But as she shares in this talk from BECon 2017, her time with metals taught her that they were not always the best medium for expressing her ideas and voice. That realization led her to develop an artistic practice focused on casting found objects in whatever materials could invert their familiar uses or meanings and render them freshly strange.

From assailing a prized housefly, to rummaging a pillow from an Aspen dump yard, to fitting a silicone doll with hyper-real castings of her own face and hands and teeth, Schwegler sketches the background work that led to her current fascination with glass. She then offers an overview of her rich and challenging residency with Bullseye Glass and how that experience sparked the belief that a failed piece can be “the one true one of a kind.”

For more on Heidi Schwegler, read about her new endeavor with the Yucca Valley Material Lab or visit her website.

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