Two Video Programs for Your Online Education

“These videos have made a huge difference to my life, allowing me to take my making to the next level over the last 2 months, and answering questions I’d previously had no one to ask. I can’t thank you enough for that.” – Justine in Scotland

Ways to Benefit from Bullseye Videos

Bullseye Videos aims to empower kiln-glass makers everywhere, helping them build foundational skills, acquire new techniques, and discover new forms and projects. We accomplish these aims in the following ways:

  • Through numerous free videos that offer valuable instructional and inspirational content while also providing samples for anyone interested in our subscription videos or our Master Class Videos.
  • Through over 100 lessons included in our annual subscription, each designed by Bullseye instructors and appropriate for everyone, whether beginning or advanced kilnformers.
  • Through our Master Class Videos—individually purchased, stand-alone courses that feature a master artist teaching signature techniques.

Bullseye Videos Annual Subscription

  • A one-year subscription grants unlimited access to our complete library of standard videos—over 100 so far.
  • View as often as you like, at any time, from any location with Internet access while you are a subscriber (note: lessons are not downloadable).
  • Each lesson includes downloadable firing schedules, product lists, and helpful links. 
  • Your subscription will automatically renew once a year unless canceled.
  • An annual subscription costs US$45.

Ready to give it a try? Subscribe Here!

Bullseye Videos Master Class Videos

After years of requests for videos featuring influential artists teaching their signature techniques, we now offer Master Class Videos. Produced in collaboration with creative leaders in kiln-glass, these long-format videos make some of the most popular courses in the world available to people everywhere at a fraction of the regular cost.

  • Master Class Videos are not included in the annual subscription.
  • Master Class Videos are a one-time purchase and available to you for a lifetime. View as often as you like, at any time, from any location with Internet access (again, lessons are not downloadable).
  • We are proud to dedicate a majority of revenues from these videos to the artists who develop and teach them.

Ready to study with a master? Browse our Master Class Videos here.

Additional Resources

For more instructional videos, visit AAE Glass’s video tutorials website.

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