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Marquis describes his eclectic approaches to working with glass

BECon 2013: Richard Marquis

“Like most accomplished abusers of information, I incorporate multiple levels of deceit, manipulation, and both feigned and true ignorance.” So begins the description of this session by artist Richard Marquis.

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James B. Thompson addresses the history of color, how his work incorporates concepts of color, and how his creative exploration of glass informs his work.

BECon 2013: James B. Thompson

Professor James B. Thompson on the history of color, how his work and processes in various media incorporate concepts of color, and how his exploration of glass properties inform his understanding of color as an art practitioner.

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Bullseye's Product Development team shares origin stories for some of the company’s most interesting glass colors.

BECon 2013: Bullseye Color Stories

Bullseye’s Product Development team shares stories about the origins of some of the most interesting glass colors, the challenges involved in creating colors that are unique, yet also scalable, repeatable, and compatible.

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In this presentation, public art star Narcissus Quagliata explores the perception of color as a key to understanding culture, art, and ourselves.

BECon 2013: Narcissus Quagliata

Roman born, US educated, Mexican resident, and public art star in China, Narcissus Quagliata focuses on the perception of color as a key to understanding culture, art, and ourselves.

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Richard Speer discusses the symbolic power of color and presents strategies for how artists can harness color's transformative powers.

BECon 2013: Richard Speer

In this talk, author and art critic Richard Speer offers strategies for artists, particularly those who work with glass, to harness color’s transformative power, both in the studio and during the course of everyday life.

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BECon 2013: Beverly Fishman

Beverly Fishman’s high-chroma works have utilized everything from industrial and signage materials, phosphorescence, resin, and now glass. Here, she discusses how her approach to color changes as her materials change.

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